Viral Influencer Gloria Alvarez Fights Socialism

Last updated: May 7, 2023

Gloria Alvarez is an influencer who teaches people about the problems with socialism.

She wears a Soviet hat and uses creative props to explain the history of socialism and the damage it has caused.

Gloria warns people that socialism has failed everywhere it's been tried, and people need to be educated so they can make informed political decisions.

She hopes to show people that libertarianism and capitalism offer progress, freedom, and tolerance. Gloria is running for president of Guatemala and wants to make sure that the country is free and prosperous.

  • Gloria Alvarez is an influencer who educates people about socialism.
  • She warns people that socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried.
  • Gloria believes that people need to be educated so they can make informed political decisions.
  • She uses props, like a Soviet hat, to explain the history of socialism.
  • Gloria is running for president of Guatemala and wants a free and prosperous country.
  • She thinks that libertarianism and capitalism offer progress, freedom, and tolerance.

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Gloria Alvarez Introduction 00:02

  • Gloria Alvarez is a viral influencer who educates people about the failures of socialism.
  • She dresses like a Soviet apparatchik.
  • She tells a Spanish legislature that nothing is free.
  • Leftists in Latin America sometimes stop her from speaking.

Gloria's background 00:38

  • Gloria was once a Stossel TV fellow where she did a video on socialism.
  • She is now running for president of Guatemala.
  • Latin America veers between crony capitalism and socialism.
  • Gloria believes that what she's seen makes her want to warn people about socialism.
  • She is teaching millennials about socialism because they are supporting it without knowing what it is.

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Gloria's approach to teaching socialism 01:07

  • Gloria used a Soviet hat and a Che Guevara sticker with Mickey Mouse ears to explain Marxism, communism, and socialism from its very beginnings until its current days in Latin America.
  • She believes that socialism is an obsolete idea that has unfortunately killed millions of people.
  • Gloria studied socialism and communism in a very libertarian University in Francisco Marroquin.
  • She thinks that people push for socialism because they don't study it, they don't know its history, and they don't know its massive failures.

Latin Americanization of the world 02:41

  • Latin Americans have 50 Shades of socialism right.
  • Gloria believes that the government has these magical powers to control the economy and tell people how to live their life and not let them be free because they are too dumb or too poor to be free and responsible for their own life.
  • Young people in America like socialism, but it's bigger in Latin America.
  • The rest of the world is becoming Latin Americanized.
  • Rioting, protests, and corruption are very common in Latin America.
  • People complain about corruption but still vote for more government, which is like a Stockholm syndrome.
  • Latin Americans move to the United States to Prosper and sustain their families and friends back home.

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Moochers and Looters of Latin America 05:35

  • There are people in Latin America that want to keep Latin America in socialism in protectionism markets that are not open.
  • People are struggling to get out of this reality and start thriving working abroad and helping the people back home to have a life.
  • The Moochers and Looters that want to keep Latin America in socialism are well defined in Atlas Shrugged.
  • Gloria believes that whenever there is freedom and the rule of law, people thrive.

The Issue with Taxes and Rich People 07:42

  • The middle class is the one that pays more taxes, while the rich have agreements with the government that allow them to evade taxes.
  • The informal economy in Latin America is massive.
  • Unfortunately, the rich always have agreements with the government to avoid taxes, which is unfair to the middle class.

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The Failure of Both Left and Right Wing 08:39

  • The left-wing is not the only one to blame for the failure of socialism in Latin America.
  • The right-wing oppositions in Latin America are also bad.
  • Socialists get back into power because the opposition parties are so bad.
  • Even right-wing candidates who propose good ideas like legalizing drugs end up not following through with their promises once in office.

The Dangers of Socialism 09:37

  • Cubans warned Venezuelans about Hugo Chavez, but they didn't listen.
  • Colombians warned Venezuelans about Petro, but they also didn't listen.
  • Socialism has a good marketing agent, which allows them to spread lies all over Latin America.
  • Unfortunately, people still vote for socialism even though they have seen the horrors of it in Venezuela.

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The Rise of a New Breed of Socialism 11:30

  • After the disaster of Venezuela, nobody dares to impose socialism with just one finger.
  • The new breed of socialism happens in a more subtle way, banning airports and investment deals, which ultimately makes the markets less free.
  • Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a socialist, was elected in Mexico.
  • The cancel culture in Latin America is always from the left.

The Success of Chile 12:43

  • Chile privatized social security, which helped it to become the success story of Latin America.
  • Pinochet was a cruel dictator, but he also helped to implement free market policies.
  • Chile prospered after adopting free markets and is now one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America.
  • Freedom works, and it is important to educate new generations about the importance of individual freedoms.

Viral Influencer Gloria Alvarez Fights Socialism 06

Socialism's Contradictions and Hypocrisy 15:38

  • George Orwell's Animal Farm serves as an example of how socialism fails.
  • Socialist leaders promise to protect people's interests but end up making decisions for them.
  • Socialist leaders become worse than their predecessors as they accumulate power.
  • Pablo Iglesias, a socialist leader in Spain, is an example of such a leader who, after gaining power, bought a mansion worth 600k Euros.
  • Socialists justify their leaders' indulgences by trivializing their actions.
  • Socialism's collapse leads to exoduses of people to capitalist countries like the United States, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

Socialism vs. Libertarianism 17:35

  • Socialism promises free stuff and brotherhood.
  • Capitalism promises individualism, selfishness, and freedom.
  • Socialism is like a beautiful iceberg that hides its depths, where genocide and injustice occur.
  • Libertarianism and capitalism offer progress, freedom, and tolerance.
  • Socialism's marketing is unfair as people don't study economics to learn from history's lessons.

Guatemala's Situation 19:58

  • Guatemala's government follows Marxist logic in its education and healthcare systems.
  • Security and justice are the least funded areas of the government's responsibility.
  • 98% of crimes go unsolved.
  • The country's jails are universities for thieves.
  • Most judges are bribed.
  • 98% of the national budget goes to useless bureaucracy.
  • Guatemala's past right-wing governments have been ineffective, making things worse.
  • Guatemala's situation shows that it's hard to have rule of law and free markets in a government that doesn't do its job.

Viral Influencer Gloria Alvarez Fights Socialism 07

Surrogacy as a Means to Alleviate Poverty 21:38

  • Surrogacy is one of the ways women can use their bodies to acquire wealth.
  • Guatemala's poverty and malnourishment rates are high.
  • Surrogacy is illegal in Guatemala.
  • Surrogacy is seen as exploitation by some conservative groups.
  • Surrogacy could be a means to alleviate poverty, but it's currently illegal.

Freedom vs Utopias 22:53

  • Gloria Alvarez talks about how people like their "Utopias" and are not easily convinced by those who offer freedom as a solution.
  • She defines freedom as the ability to make your own decisions without anyone else making them for you.
  • Alvarez says that freedom does not imply perfection, but that people should be treated like adults and not children who are incapable of taking care of themselves.
  • According to her, people don't like freedom, they like their populist messiah who promises them happiness without effort and free stuff forever.
  • Alvarez offers an alternative based in reality and says it's hard because people like their Utopias.

Legalizing psychedelics and alternative medicine 23:50

  • Gloria Alvarez talks about how Guatemala's geographical position and amazing nature are already a natural house for all these plant medicines.
  • She proposes opening new industries that can make Guatemala thrive by becoming the number one safe haven for the world's alternative medicine.
  • Alvarez wants to tackle first plant medicine as it's easier for a conservative country to understand its benefits.
  • She believes that legalizing drugs is the better way because the War on Drugs has been a complete failure.
  • Alvarez proposes legalizing psychedelics such as mushrooms and ayahuasca and says that they have demonstrated amazing results for people with PTSD, SCT, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, and suicidal thoughts.
  • She acknowledges that there are risks but says that the more transparent something is, the better decisions people can make.

Legalizing sex work 25:06

  • Gloria Alvarez proposes legalizing sex work because it's already happening in Guatemala, and unfortunately, women are exploited and enslaved by their pimps in horrible ways.
  • She believes that if prostitution is legalized, there is a chance of making them the main characters of their own industry and that they can call the shots worldwide.
  • Alvarez says that if you voluntarily, as an adult, want to have a consensual relationship with somebody, why should a government forbid that?
  • According to her, it is easier when something transparent and legal to tackle the things that are not.

Reaction to Alvarez's campaign 25:54

  • Gloria Alvarez says that her campaign has received a lot of support from young people, but she has always received a lot of hate from socialists to conservatives and these companies.
  • She receives a lot of harassment and comments on social media but says that 95 percent of the comments are positive.
  • Alvarez says that there is a movement toward her ideas.

Running for president? 26:20

  • Gloria Alvarez says that she can't run for president in Guatemala as the rule says that she needs to be 40 years old and have a political party.
  • She is not interested in having a political party and running a presidential campaign.
  • Alvarez says that she wants people to compare her 15 proposals concretely to all the candidates that are currently running, who are not telling people anything.
  • She dreams of getting invited to a presidential debate and confronting all the candidates with their lack of proposals.
  • Alvarez wants to make people aware of the rules in Guatemala and bring about change.