The Deadliest Special Force Unit in The World

Last updated: May 7, 2023

There are special military units around the world, and they are known for their elite training to complete high-risk missions.

  • Sairat Matkal is Israel’s elite military force, involved in high-profile operations
  • Alpha Group is Russia’s special military force, known for their aggressive tactics
  • JW Grom is Poland’s special forces unit, specializing in stealth missions
  • SEAL Team Six is the US’s deadliest special military unit
  • Frogman Core Denmark and GIGN France are highly trained special military forces.
  • Delta Force USA is the second deadliest special force unit in the world.
  • SAS UK is the deadliest special force in the world.
  • Frogman Core Denmark recruits must keep their breath for nearly 2 minutes.
  • GIGN France candidates must walk on a 65-foot high unstable plank.
  • SAS UK training includes six marathons in just five days while carrying 55 pounds of bricks in their backpacks.

Sierra Israel 06:07

  • Sairat Matkal is an elite special military force of Israel, established in 1949 to ensure Israel's existence from external threats.
  • They are known for their involvement in almost all high-profile operations of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
  • Some of their notable operations include the 1976 raid on NTB airport in Uganda, the 1988 assassination of Abu Jihad in Tunisia, and the 2006 operation to destroy a Syrian nuclear reactor.
  • Sairat Madkal is not an easy force to mess up with, as they are all highly trained combatants that undergo vigorous training.
  • The training includes physical fitness, marksmanship, navigation, survival skills, specialized training in urban warfare, counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue.
  • The unit members are also trained in foreign languages as many operations require them to work in unfamiliar countries.
  • The toughest training, however, is the exercises to withhold information, which is usually one of the final tests before getting accepted into the unit.
  • Each candidate is kidnapped by a team that administers a series of physical and psychological torture tactics to try and break the candidate, and only a few manages to finish this part of the preliminary training.
  • Those who manage to get in are tough, deadly, and with nerves of steel.
  • They usually use stealth tactics, making them hard to detect before it's too late.
  • Sairat Matkal's weapon of choice is a Tavor assault rifle and the Uzi submachine gun, as well as imported weapons such as the M4 carbine and the M16 rifle from the United States.
  • The specific weapons used by Sairat Matkal may depend on their mission requirements and other factors such as the environment and nature of the operation.

Alpha group Russia 03:06

  • Alpha Group is Russia's elite special military force, and their primary goal is to eliminate threats.
  • Their tactics usually consist of shooting everyone, throwing a grenade or two, and then asking questions.
  • They are equipped with the best available weapons in Russia, such as the AK-47, PKM machine gun, and the Dragonov sniper rifle.
  • Alpha Group is known for the 2002 Moscow theater hostage crisis, where they engaged the Chechen terrorists and eliminated all of them, but over 100 of the hostages perished during the operation.
  • To become part of this military unit, candidates must meet specific physical, psychological, and intellectual standards and must demonstrate exceptional skills in areas such as marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and decision-making under pressure.
  • They must also have a clean criminal record and be willing to undergo extensive background checks.
  • Once selected, candidates undergo an intensive training program that covers a wide range of topics, including marksmanship, reconnaissance, hand-to-hand combat, explosives, and other specialized skills.
  • The training is designed to be physically and mentally challenging, preparing candidates for the extreme conditions and high-pressure situations they may face as members of Alpha Group.
  • The members of this elite force undergo intense survival training like pain endurance, hunting, building shelters out of nothing, and even performing surgery on themselves.

JW Grom Poland 00:09

  • JW Grom is the most elite special forces unit in Poland and specializes in stealth operations.
  • They have been involved in numerous high-profile domestic and international missions, especially those that the US calls when they have a mission behind enemy lines that they want to keep very secret and quiet.
  • The Polish special military unit is one of the most formidable special forces units in the entire world.
  • They are entirely forbidden from drinking alcohol and getting into fights outside their tasks.
  • The entire unit consists of only 1,500 members, and they are armed to the teeth with highly specialized equipment like night vision goggles, various grenades and flashbangs, breaching tools, and many more.
  • Their weapon of choice is the polish-made FBMSBS modular assault rifle.
  • JW Grom soldiers go through a rigorous, highly demanding training regiment, including escape and evasion, survival, counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue training.
  • Considered one of the deadliest and most efficient special military units in the world.
  • Part of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group, primarily tasked with counter-terrorism and unconventional warfare operations.
  • To become a part of this elite group, you need to be more than a regular US soldier.
  • The training program is designed to crush even Superman Spirit candidates.
  • Training starts with basic physical training, including intense strength building exercises and breathtaking cardio.
  • Instructors throw candidates into a pool of water with their hands tied behind their back, where they must complete a series of tasks only with their teeth.
  • Week four is when candidates enter "Hell Week," which is five days and nights of non-stop training with only four hours of sleep over the entire period.
  • Seals must battle their sleep deprivation and endure exercises such as running with a boat on their heads, crawling through thick mud, lifting 300-pound logs, and even surf torture.
  • After week four, about eighty percent of candidates drop out, and recruits will be submitted to much harsher exercises such as torture survival and even soaking in ice-cold water.
  • Toward the end of their training, recruits are taken to Alaska, where they have to spend eight minutes in ice-covered water.
  • More Seals die annually during training than in operations.
  • SEAL Team Six is often used for critical counter-terrorist situations where actions should be taken swiftly and deadly.
  • Some of the most famous operations attributed to Seal Team Six include the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in 2011 and the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips from Somali pirates in 2009.

Frogman Core Denmark 13:04

  • Danish special military force consisting of only 150 highly trained personnel.
  • Specialized in conducting maritime operations, including reconnaissance, sabotage, and counter-terrorism.
  • undergo one truly intensive physical and mental training from the first moment they apply for the job.
  • Recruits submit to treatment that, if seen by a European court for human rights judge, will certainly cause them a heart attack.
  • Their training includes intense long-distance running, marching, and swimming.
  • Recruits must be able to put on their gear underwater, naturally forcing them to keep their breath for nearly 2 minutes.
  • The training session is so tough that some candidates black out.
  • The weeding-out process usually only leaves 10 percent of candidates to go forward.
  • The fun continues with hypothermia resistance training in ice-cold water, severe survival training, diving training, and more vigorous specialized exercises like bomb diffusion, spec, and Black Ops training.
  • Frogman Corps has participated in a number of international operations, including serving as part of the International Security assistance for in Afghanistan and contributing to anti-piracy efforts off the coast of Somalia.

GIGN France 15:14

  • The Intervention de la Jeune Damaris National (GIGN) is a special operations force within the French National Gendarmerie.
  • The unit comprises approximately 400 highly trained personnel specializing in counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and other high-risk operations.
  • The unit uses hk-416 assault rifles, Sig Sauer P226 pistols, or the FR F2 sniper rifle.
  • Candidates must swim 50 meters with their hands and feet tied up, and about 50% of all candidates need saving.
  • Next is the five-mile run with a 4 44-pound backpack.
  • The training includes some high demanding physical and mental challenges like walking on a 65-foot high unstable plank while being submitted to cross-examination by two drill instructors.
  • The selected few will continue with more vigorous specialized exercises like bomb diffusion, spec, and Black Ops training.
  • GIGN has been involved in many operations, including the 1976 Somali hijacking, the Iranian Embassy siege in London, and the Moscow theater hostage crisis.

GIGN - French Special Forces 16:49

  • GIGN is a French Special Forces unit.
  • To join this unit, the candidate has to shoot a disc.
  • The unit is known for its high-risk operations.
  • The selection process is rigorous, and only 5% of the candidates are able to make it to the end of the training.

Famous Operations of GIGN 17:17

  • GIGN is known for its successful operations such as the rescue of passengers on Air France flight 8969 in 1994, the return of French hostages in Yemen in 2010, and the capture of terrorists responsible for the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Delta Force USA 17:44

  • Delta Force USA is the second deadliest special force unit in the world.
  • They are the elite US special military unit and are often given the impossible tasks.
  • The unit comprises roughly 1,000 personnel and goes through one of the most challenging selections.
  • To qualify as a candidate, one must have been in active war and participated in a battle.
  • The training is rigorous and includes specialized skills such as demolition, firearms, and navigation.

SAS UK 20:02

  • The SAS is the deadliest special force in the world.
  • They are responsible for conducting various operations, including counter-terrorism, direct action, reconnaissance, and hostage rescue.
  • The selection process for SAS is known to be the toughest and most demanding.
  • The SAS is comprised of four regiments, each with a number of operational squadrons.
  • To be a part of the SAS, a candidate must be an expert in physical and mental training.
  • The training includes six marathons in just five days while carrying 55 pounds of bricks in their backpacks.
  • The SAS force will be hunting them down in their final task.
  • Only about 1% of all who enter this torture chamber manage to finish the training.
  • Most SAS operations end up with the unit eliminating 20 to 30 times bigger armies without losing a single operative.

SAS Famous Operations 24:05

  • SAS has been involved in a number of high-profile operations, including the Iranian Embassy Siege in London 1980, the Gulf War in 1991, and the war in Afghanistan.
  • One of the SAS's most famous operations was Operation Nimrod in 1980, which involved the rescue of hostages from the Iranian Embassy in London.

Background Information 00:00

  • The video discusses the deadliest special force unit in the world.
  • The unit is made up of highly trained individuals who work together to complete missions.

The Unit's Training 19:09

  • The unit's members undergo rigorous training to prepare them for missions.
  • They are trained in various skills such as combat, survival, and intelligence gathering.
  • The training is designed to simulate real-world scenarios so that they are prepared for anything.

The Unit's Missions 23:43

  • The unit is often deployed on missions that are highly dangerous and require a high level of skill.
  • They work closely with other special forces units to complete missions.
  • The unit is known for its ability to complete missions that other units cannot.

"Your Left" 24:37

  • During a simulation, a member of the unit warns another member about an enemy on their left.
  • This showcases the unit's ability to communicate effectively and work together as a team.
  • The unit's members are trained to be aware of their surroundings and to communicate important information to each other.

The Unit's Reputation 25:45

  • The unit has gained a reputation for being the deadliest special force unit in the world.
  • They are highly respected within the military community.
  • The unit's missions are often kept secret due to their sensitive and dangerous nature.

Conclusion 27:18

  • The video highlights the extreme training and skills required to be a member of the deadliest special force unit in the world.
  • The unit's ability to work together as a team and complete missions that others cannot is what sets them apart.